Monday, January 13, 2014

Update 1/17/14

First update of the 2014 season.

Today, I was able to get out and walk a number of golf holes for the first time in many weeks without the use of snow shoes.  A far contrast from a week ago when we were barley able to even get outside.  In regards to the lows last week the turf did just fine, the nice blanket of snow kept the turf fairly warm compared to the actual temperatures.  On the other hand the warm up has melted a good amount of the snow cover in some areas that snow melt has left a little ice layer under the snow.  At this point, I am not too worried about any potential ice damage because the ice is fairly thin. If conditions were to stay warm and additional snow melt occurred then this could be a little more concerning for me. Winter is by far over but each day we are free of ice cover is a bonus.  Poa annua grass can not handle much more then 30 days under ice cover.  Creeping bentgrass can survive at least 50 days under ice.  Our turf is mostly creeping bentgrass here at Hawks and believe it or not March is not too far away.  They are calling for another snow storm over the next 2 days which should cover up the turf last has been exposed and should help protect it from the temperature extremes and wind.  As of today everything is looking great which is always good news.

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