Thursday, January 30, 2014

Update 1/30/14

Another perfectly timed snow event over the weekend to protect the turf from the polar vortex extreme temperatures earlier this week.  The one good thing about the cold weather this winter is that we have not had many snow melt days that would lead to ice build up, on the other hand it is hard to really get a good idea of the conditions of the turf since it is under a good amount of snow.  At this time, we are still in pretty good shape from what I can see out there very little ice and in the areas that I have dug up the turf looks very good. The extended forecast is looking like the temperatures will remain fairly cold with a warm up predicted in mid February.  I wish I could see more turf right now, but if the extended  forecast holds we should be in pretty good shape this spring.  Everyday that we remain ice free is really the best case scenario.  The east coast and some parts in the Midwest have considerable ice cover right now which will really complicate things for those effected with the ice cover.

We are moving along very nicely in the shop this winter, we painted the employee break areas and the floor which turned out very good.  Mike has just about completed all of our walking greens mowers.  Jeff is working hard on refurbishing the carts we use daily.  Our preventive program at Hawks keeps our equipment in reliable shape and looking great. Some of our equipment was purchased 13 years ago and still going strong.  Its hard to tell sometimes what is original or was recently purchased.  This heavy duty hauler has 3000 hours on it and is used to haul some pretty heavy loads.  It has on demand 4 wheel drive can easily tow 3000 pounds and haul 2500 pounds. If you compare the hours to miles it would have around 200,000 miles on it.   testament to our dedication to keeping our equipment in top running shape here at Hawks

Have a great weekend

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