Friday, March 14, 2014

Golf Course Update 3/14


11 green
This morning, I was able to walk just about the entire golf course,  out of shape but managed to get a pretty good idea of what the turf is looking like so far.  From my current observation, I am very impressed with the quality of the turf.  I am not able to see a lot of of grass but what I can see looks great.  I have not seen the turf look this good in many years coming out of winter.  The jury is still out in the low areas where there is still feet of snow cover, but I do not expect to have any ice related damage.  There may be a little disease to worry about but I have not seen a speck of snow mold yet.

 I did take a few pretty interesting pictures over the last few days on the how the approach work we did last fall is working.  In both of the photos you can easily see that our work is differently working.  This is the first time that we have not had ice build up in these 2 areas.

9 green
In contrast notice the front of 9 green this is an area that I was not able to complete last fall there is considerable ice build up in the front of this green. Ice build up is the main problem we are trying to resolve here but also if ice is breaking up water will do the same thing during. These areas will remain saturated during.  Which could lead to numerous issues.  Needless to say with the results of our work  show we are doing the right thing, we must continue to lower any other areas in the future.

As far as an opening day nothing has been set yet, we will open as soon as possible The frost must be out of the ground and the greens and tees will be rolled a few times before we opening.  The extended forecast looks favorable in that we will have a nice gradual warm up.  I have most of our staff secured and plan on starting everyone on the 31st.  Our equipment is almost complete, Mike has done a tremendous job in the shop this winter many pieces of equipment needed some extensive service this year.  My Assistant, Jeff Muller has also been very busy, he has completed prepping all of the golf course supplies and is currently working on finishing up our trailers we use to transport our greens mowers.

This is an exciting time of the year for me very day I am starting to get a little more excited each day for the season to begin.

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