Sunday, May 11, 2014

Update 5/10/14

If I only had more time in a day it has been a few weeks since my last post but that doesn't mean I haven't been around.  This time of the year is very busy to say the least.  Over the last few weeks we have been working on irrigation issues, dealing with wind and rain, and mowing.   So far 3 leaks and just a new found a new one yesterday.  I do not think these were from the winter just things wearing out.  We also have a slightly larger problem in that a bearing will need to be replaced on the pump station next week.  But with all the irrigation problems the golf course is in fine shape.  I have been doing everything possible to keep moving in the right direction and continue to work on the irrigation repairs at the same time.  Our work schedule and staff size does compound some of the delays.  Next week, I will have an additional 2 employees on staff which will really help to work on some of the projects that I had planned on having done by now.  

Our spraying schedule is also way out of order this year.  The winds this spring have been relentless and really set us back on trying to spray the fescue and now need to spray for broadleaf weeds too.  We are almost finished with only a few areas that are planned to be sprayed this year to go.  We will have sprayed 60 acres in total.  I feel this years application went very well and hopefully the results will be positive.

The greens, tees and fairways are in fine shape actually surprising even with all the rain we had and cooler temperatures the course is pretty dry, but overall I feel we are in a good place right now with the condition of the course.

This week hopefully will be a week that we tackle a lot of the work that needs to be buttoned up so we can move forward with new things that I have on my list.  One being adding sand to a few of the bunkers on the course. We will also start to spray for weeds and complete the fescue undesirable grass control application.


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