Thursday, June 19, 2014

golf Course Update 6/19/14

2.4 inches of rain and a confirmed tornado just 1 mile away 2 days ago in Verona.  there is considerable damage to many homes and the middle school We did not sustain much damage just bunkers washed out for the third time this year and a few trees down but nothing even close to what could have happen.  My thoughts and payers go out to everyone that has damage from the storms.  We have been working very hard to get the course back in good shape, all the bunkers will be back together by tomorrow morning and the general cleanup will be done today.  We have not been able to mow all the rough this week and there are a few holes that are very lush and thick.  I will be sending all the mowers out first thing in the morning to hopefully get most areas mowed.  We will not be able to do any extra rolling of the greens until we get caught up with the rest of the work.  The course will be playing very soft for a few days.  We are trying to gear up in our planning for the Mens invitational next week.  I do plan on working a few split shifts having the staff come in late in the afternoon to do some extra mowing and rolling before the event.  Right now we do not have a big turnout I hope that you can get a partner and enjoy this great event.  The prize package alone is worth playing in the event and the chance to show your guest a great time on a fine golf course is what   My planning has been a little sidetracked with the bad weather this week but we will have the course in fine shape by the end of next week if the extended forecast hold true.

We have manage to make some very good progress on adding sand to the green side bunkers at this time the front none has been completed and will work on the back nine soon.

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