Friday, June 6, 2014

Golf Course Update

Hard to believe we had 2.25 inches of rain on Monday after the last 2 days of sun and no wind couldnt ask for a much better end to the week.

We spent a total of 100 man hours repairing the bunkers after the storms.  A very tough 2 days for most of the staff , we also spent some time removing a lot of the unwanted weeds and grasses that were in a few bunkers. When you have most of the crew repairing bunkers for 2 solid days it makes it very difficult to get much else done.  I did not add any sand to the bunkers this week and will look at getting to this next week.   The sand we have in the parking lot should be enough to get the greens bunkers back in good shape.

We have been mowing the rough just about everyday to keep it in check,  we are also blowing some of the extra thick areas around the greens to help reduce any clumping on the ground, but there are a few clumps of grass out there please bear with us until the rough gets back growing more normal.

Next week we will be topdressing the greens and approaches on Monday. We will also continue to work on core aerating a few hard packed areas in the fairways.

Overall, right now the golf course is in great shape everything is starting to really come together nicely including the staff.  I sure hope that you can get out and enjoy a round of golf this weekend.


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