Monday, February 2, 2015

Golf Course Update

Its been awhile since my last post but not because I have been MIA on the contrary we have been very busy both on the course and inside our shop.

 Our Equipment Manager, Mike, has been working his way through our walking greens and tee mowers and is just about done.  We have a total of 14 walking mowers that require a complete breakdown, repair, service to all bearings, rebuilt and the reels ground so sharp they cut a single sheet of newspaper like the sharpest high quality knife.

  My Assistant, Jeff is tasked with a lot of painting and reconditioning our turf vehicles as well as preparing  the golf supplies.

 This year we have replaced most of our tee markers and have added a new set of markers for the member tees.  The new markers are handmade out of logs from the trees removed on the course over the years.

This is also a time of the year we evaluate our turf programs, attend seminars and turf conferences.

On the golf course side of things so far things I believe the course is in good shape, this weekends winter storm should pose no issues but will help insulate the turf from the low temperatures expect this week.  I try to walk the course as much as possible over the winter to keep an eye on conditions that develop.  We have really no ice to be of concern, and do to the time of the year we as close to being in the clear of any potential ice damage that may be an issue.  If we had a high percentage of poa annua on the course, I would not be feeling the same way right now but even so on a "normal" winter we are getting very close to not having to worry about ice damage.  I also worked on a lot of clearing this winter the ponds on 12 have been cleared, the dead trees around the pump house have been removed, I also cleared the creeks on 11/17 as well as 16. All things that I have wanted to do in the past but the lack of snow cover earlier this winter allowed me the time to finally get it done.



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