Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I am sure everyone is ready for a good stretch of weather.  It looks like we will finally be able to get in some good golfing days very soon.

We have been working on finding the best technique to rake our bunkers this year to provide the best playing conditions for all. Over time, the new bunkers will continue to improve.  The one thing that is for certain even with all the rain events the bunkers have no standing water and have very minimal washouts.

 I have always raked our faces and slopes of the bunker the new sand really smoothes out well.  Moving forward with all bunkers I would like to ask everyone to not use the tooth part of the rakes especially in the new bunkers.  Smooth out your footprints using the back of the rake only.  This is very easy to do and takes less time and the finished product looks great.  We would also ask that you do not exit or enter the bunkers on any slope.  Always enter the bunkers from the low side and replace the rake on the low side not on the slopes.

  I feel this procedure will provide the membership with the best playing conditions over time.  The less distribution to any slopes will reduce the chances for plugged balls.

Thank you


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