Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lawn Care Tips

Memorial Day is right around the corner and it looks like a great weekend to get some yard work done, and enjoy a great game of golf.
The grass is finally growing and to prepare the turfgrass for the summer, there are a few things to consider.

1. The application of a granular fertilizer should be made soon. If you have some weeds in your yard you may chose to apply a weed and feed product instead just a fertilizer alone. When making a weed and feed application it is best not to mow your yard two days before the application and at least two days after. Also, the best control will be made if you apply the product to a dewy lawn and not water the lawn for at least two days. Remember, always follow the label instructions before making an application of any product for your lawn. Too much is usually not a good thing and too little will most likely not have the control you wish for. In Dane county there is a law that prohibits the use of Phosphorus. Phosphorus leads to algae blooms in the lakes if the fertilizer is not applied correctly. You can however use phosphorus if you are growing in a new yard.

2. Mulching your clippings back to your yard is beneficial. Valuable nutrients are removed if the clippings are not returned. Yard waste is a major contributor to the landfills. It is a myth that clippings contribute to thatch. Thatch is dead and decomposing parts of the plant not clippings.

3. It is always best to water your yard in the early morning versus late evening. There are a number of reasons for this pratice. You can actually increase your chances of disease by late evening watering and decrease your chances of disease by watering in the early morning. Also, watering deeply every few days is always better then watering daily. This will encourages deep rooting

Golf Course Update:

The edges of the cart paths are currently being edged. It is amazing too see the edges after so many years. We are currently fertilizing the golf course as stated in the previous entry most of the granular products that I use are organic based products. I prices for synthetic fertilizer are increasing faster then the gas prices we are all paying right now. This has forced me to really think about what we need to do out on the course. I do use soil and plant tissue testing, this does help me scientifically determine the nutrients that the plant needs and what the plant does not need.
We are also mowing the native grasslands. I am very impressed with the conversion program that we started last year. There is a noticeable increase of the fescue grasses. I am hoping that this mowing will continue to encourage the fescue grasses.

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