Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I have started to inject the specimen Oak trees on the golf course using a very interesting process called the tree IV. What this system does is allows the fertilizers and pesticides to be efficiently transported into the tree. The IV injectors are inserted into the Phloem under pressure. The uptake of the chemical into the tree is then trans located throughout the entire tree. You can click on the picture on the right to get a good look at the system. Also, feel free to access the Arborjet website for even more information at

I have researched this system over the winter and have determined that this process is the most economical and best way to treat our Oak trees for sound plant health. At this time I am concerned about a few major problems that I feel are contributing the the decline of the oak trees. Sudden Oak Death, Oak Wilt and the Chestnut Borer are the main problems that I am treating the trees for. The research shows very good control of the 3 pests if treated before the trees are infected. We have been on a very comprehensive program over the last few years mainly on the Oak on 2 and the ones on 14, but I can now expand this health program to the rest of the Oaks on the course. I am hopeful through the data that I have seen that we are on the right track concerning the health program and hopefully the future of these Oaks will be good.

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