Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Little Research

Some of you may have noticed this behind the restroom on 15. I am working with Dr. Williamson at the UW Entomology Department. He is looking at the growth and development of the Black Cutworm and Sod Webworm. This real life data will provide models for the control of these insect. Both are very big problems on golf greens and tees and somewhat on the fairways. He has developed models and timing for control measure to be applied. We are also looking at many reduced risk pesticides for season long control of the Cutworm. There is one pesticide that is showing very good control of the cutworm that does not carry a warning label.

I have started an Integrated Pest Management, IPM , Program that involves scouting the golf course for disease, insect damage and weeds. Once these problem reach a threshold then some type of control measure would be implemented. Either cultural or chemical. We have a solid cultural program which builds strong roots and encourages proper growth, but sometimes the weather or some environmental stress pushes the turf over the tipping point.

Right now there are so many new products being developed that we can now include some reduced risk or even no risk products for our chemical control measures. Working with the University in real life situations on research and development of these new reduced risk products will benefit all of us

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