Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ball Mark Repair

While walking on the greens this morning I noticed many ball marks that have been repaired using the traditional ball mark tool, and as you can see they were repaired the old tried and true method that does not really fix the problem and in my mind makes it worse.

I will try to explain The correct way to repair a ball mark in some pictures.

First you should take your mark mark tool and gently insert from behind the mark and push the turf towards the center

Next take your tool to the front edge of the mark and gently push in and bring the depression up slightly

now gently level the back side of the mark using your tool

Step the repaired mark down with your foot or even the putter to smooth the green surface.

the repaired ball mark should on our greens be completely level and smooth, once repaired the ball mark will heal very quickly and should not cause any damage to the root system this way

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