Thursday, October 15, 2009

Course Update

Many projects are well underway at the same time on the golf course this fall, As planned and in the last update we have completed needle tinning the green and also applied a nice organic fertilizer to help simulate rooting. We are also still working on the new drop tee which has run into some weather delays as well as some sodding projects. We did manage to complete the work on #4green and many low areas and weak spots on the front nine. I did start to level between the green and back bunker on 13 which is turning out really nice. As the weeks start to wind down I will take advantage of every day that I can to complete as many projects as we can.

I would also like to add that we are going to start the work on the boulder wall on 15 very soon. The problem is that the wall has settled over the years and is now a major concern. We have a contractor coming in to rebuild the wall using the existing boulders. They will be back-filling the boulders with some small stone and using a liner to keep the soil from washing out. Also the wall has settled around 2 feet and they will be adding new boulders to reach the original height of the wall. I will have to take the green out of play while the work is being done and I have mowed a temporary green in the fairway to put into play.

Thank you


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