Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Has Settled In

The snow has for the most part has halted my plans on any work on the golf course.  I did make a attempt to plow the cart paths so that I could get outside but that did not work very well.  As you know this snow is very heavy and really is hard to plow.  I will be trying to get the paths plowed again because, I really would like to work on some clearing behind 11 green this winter.

You may say now what do I have to do over the winter. We have already started to work on the equipment repair.  You can see in the pictures that I have many different pieces in various stages of repair at this time.  We were fortunate to purchase some new equipment this year, but many pieces are over 8 years old and need some extra TLC this year.  Our goal is to limit any down time over the course of the season so we break down each piece

Safety is a big part of this also,  we will inspect the brake system and the steering to make sure piece will be safe to operate. When the equipment is in this state we will also remove any rust and repaint.  

The new equipment this year also needs broken down, at this time we will inspect the bearings, change out the bedknives and grind the reels.  Here you can see one of our greens mowers that has been taken apart, inspected, and a fresh grinding that has just been completed.  The new greens mowers are very easy to break down and far less time consuming then the previous models.

We have a very have a very tight schedule that needs to be managed properly in order to get all the maintenance done before the start of the year.

Happy Holidays to everyone and I hope that the new year will bring happiness for all.

I will be blogging on different pieces of equipment this winter.  Each week I will be giving you a detailed description of each and the what's and why's.  I hope that you will enjoy this series

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