Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Series Toro FLex 21 greensmower

I think it was a good start.  All that I can say is I am trying and I think the video turned out pretty decent.  This is what I would like for you to see and learn this winter.  I am planning on working through each piece of equipment related to the playing surface.  The greens section will be the most in depth,  I think there are 4 additional pieces that we use on the greens throughout the year.

Starting with the Toro Flex 21 walking greens mower.  In the video I talked about a few items that need a little more explanation and I will do my best to give you a little better understanding.  

The Groomer

You can see that the knives of the groomers are positioned veritcaly and the blades of the reel are in a hotizontal plane to the machine.  When mowing the groomer blades are set at a height just below the actual height of the reel, what this accomplishes is the vertical knives slice into the turf and in turn stand up the plants for a very true cut.  Also, groomer will remove the grain of the green and actually promote growth.

I the picture above you can see the groomer and the reel.  Also I had mentioned the 14 bladed reel that we have on the Flex 21.  The reason for this is quite simply the more blades on the reel the lower the mower can be set up without sacrificing the quality of cut.  We have a L-93 creeping bentgrass planted on the greens this is a newer 'type' creeping bentgrass that can be mowed much lower the the older generation.  This is ideal for us here since the green are failry flat and quite large.  We can use this to our advantage because the wear and tear is not nearly as high as some other courses. Simply mowing a green lower will not necessarily provide a fast green so when I purchased the Flex 21, I really wanted to have all the advances in technology to provide healthy smooth and in turn fast greens. 

Thank you and I hope that you have a better understanding of our FLex 21's


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