Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Smooth and Fast, Ice Rink

We are known for some of the finest greens in the area and now my new project is the ice rink on the pond between 1 and 9.  Now we have a smooth and fast ice rink.  Building the ice rink was an amenity that we wanted to provide to you for winter use.   We also have a nice sledding hill that can be used behind the clubhouse.

*It should be stated that the ice rink and sledding is too be used at your own risk*

The ice rink is about 5000 sq feet and should be large enough for some pick up games and some great family fun.  I am learning on the fly with the ice rink is not as easy as I thought. 

First off getting the equipment down there is a challenge, but I found a great way to accomplish this.  Nadia, is a great little sled dog as you can see and is a big help dragging the sled for me.  She really needs a job and this is prefect for her.

Next we had to figure out how to get water to flood the rink.  We came up with a pump system that works really pretty good.  We have to be fast when hooking up the water lines, they freeze as we found out.

Every day we are learning about making ice,  we found that the colder the better.  Yesterday morning it was 4 degrees and we really made some good ice.  Today we were out at 6am with the temperature around 18 degrees for some reason the water just did not freeze as well as yesterday.  I feel that by the weekend we will be able to have a smooth and fast ice rink for everyone to enjoy.

We also made a hand held Zamboni which we will be trying out after we get the rink level.    There are a few of these online that we used as our reference.  I am looking forward to trying this out.

I hope that you can get out with the kids and have a great time and stop in to the restaurant and warm up with a nice cup of coco or something a little stronger.  Once again please be advised this is for you to enjoy at your own risk.

Thanks and have fun

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