Friday, February 19, 2010

Toro 5410

The Toro 5410 is the fairway mower that we use at Hawks Landing.  We have three of  machines which were new in 2009. It is hard to compare this machine to the one it replaced becasue of the the numorus advances in techonlogy.  Some of the upgrades do not affect the overall cut but do make the machine much easier to work on, the old machines were quite a challenge even to change the oil.   When it comes to the quality of cut this mower is hard to beat.  The cutting is done by 5 mower units which are hydraulically driven.  The reel speed can be infinitely adjusted in relative to the speed of the machine.  This allows me to fine tune the clip rate for a optimum after cut.  There is also a groomer on the reels, you  can see what looks like a groomer from a greens  mower, there is also a brush.  I set the groomers the same as the height of cut but the brush is slightly below the turf blades and will sweep or stand up the turf before the reel cuts the turf.  I believe these groomers really improved the fairways last year on the course. 

Here at Hawks we mow the fairways 3 days per week at the height of .450" or just below a half an inch.  We have 40 acres of fairways which was seeded to Providence creeping bentgrass.   On a normal mowing day we start at 5:00am and finish by 10:00am.

I hope that you have a great weekend


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