Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bunker Rakes

We all off to a great start of the 2010 golf season.   Last year we made a change to the placement of the bunker rakes in the bunkers in this picture you can see the proper placement that we would like to see

I have noticed that some of the rakes have not been properly placed
Also, please avoid placing the rakes on the steep faces. When the rakes are on the faces it makes it very challenging for the next golfer to get the rake

We all have questions in regards to filling or replacing your divots during your round.  I would like to see the divot placed back if at all possible and stepped back down.  It is amazing how fast the divot will recover if you replace it and step it down too smooth it.  If the divot is sheared and not possible to replace you can simply fill with the spot with the divot mix provided on your cart or on the par 3 tee boxes.  It is also important to remember that the divot mix in your cart has creeping bentgrass seed in the mix.  This seed is the type of grass that is planted on the fairway and tees not in the rough   Creeping Bentgrass will grow very aggressively in the rough  and does not make very good rough type grass. If you take a divot in the rough and if it can be replaced please do if not the spot will fill in over tim.

We have completed the new drop tee on hole #4.  The drop tee will be open as soon as the sod roots and in the weather that we are having, I am sure it will be open very soon.  I hope that you will like this addition.  It is always very rewarding completing projects in house

Thank you


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