Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2010 golf Season

I feel we will be getting off to a great start to 2010 this Thursday.  I hope that you will be able to enjoy a early March round too work out some of the chinks.

My staff is very busy getting the course back in shape from the long winter.  We have been rolled and mowed all greens as well as the fairways.  Yesterday, I applied a light topdressing to all greens and approaches to help smooth out the surface.  The warm days  really greened up the golf course.  Lets hope that this will continue to bring nice days and great growing conditions for the turf.

We are working on the bunkers. We have completed edging the back nine greens bunkers and now we are checking the sand depth and removing sand as needed.  Our goal is to maintain 2 inches of sand on the face and 4 inches of sand in the bottom of the bunkers. This seems to be the magic number when the bunker preform the best.  We are basically measuring the sand and hauling extra away or when needed adding the new angular sand to the bunkers.  This process is time consuming and will take us at least another week before we are able to complete all the bunkers on the golf.  

I received my new Fescue seed  along with a seeder for the fescue conversion areas on the golf course.  I have started to seed on 16 as of yesterday and will be continuing throughout the week.  We are seeding a 3 way blend of equal amounts of Hard, Sheep, Blue fescue grasses.  These grass types are non creepers and form a bunch turf.  The seeding rate is 54 lbs of seed per Acre.  This seeding rate should provide a beautiful thin stand.

With having our staff here for just a couple of days before opening there are many items that have not been crossed off the list.  Please bear with me for a few day so that we can get everything back in shape.  Also, the dead rough on the golf course should be treated as lateral hazard and with the seeding taking place please do your best to not drive in these areas.  I am not going to be able to rope off everything if you can please inform your playing partner this information.




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