Friday, May 7, 2010


  I hope that you like the new layout of the blog.  I am always trying to improve it and learn new and different techniques.  There is so much that I can do,  Today I am just taking advantage of the rainy morning to make some improvements.

  The fescue that we are working on around the golf course is starting to germinate in all areas.  The front nine is acutally doing very well.  It is hard to really see from a cart or just walking by.  You may have seen me crawling around on the ground this is really the best way to get a good look at what is going on.  Pealing back some of the old dead grass you can see some seedlings breaking the seed coat.  I am keeping the areas moist.  this will aid in the germination of the seed.  The ground temperature is still fairly low it has been fairly dry and very windy.  All these do slow the growth.  But the good news is that there are some areas really taking off.  I feel that the areas are coming in as planned.  You may have seen some weeds in the seeded areas.  I really have no way to safely get rid of them at this time.  I will be applying a herbicide over the top of the seedlings once they develop into a more mature grass stand.  The herbicide is called Tenacity,   I have posted the label on the link above this is a new herbicide and is very good at controlling weeds and grasses in newly seeded turf.

  I have completed the second application of grass killer and broadleaf herbicides in the existing fescue areas.  This is the first time that I have been able to make two application.  I am very happy with our progress.  There are some areas on the course that are now almost 100% fescue.  This application I used a different type of gramicide  This herbicide goes into the grasses very quickly control does take about 3 weeks. Hole 13 is one example of the progress we are making.  I have not seen this hole look so good in years.

  We have just about completed changing the yardage tags on the sprinklers.  I did not work on the tee sprinkler yet but will continue working through the golf course next week.

I hope that you are enjoying the golf course this spring.  I hope to see you very soon,  If you very have any questions please feel free to flag me down and I will be happy to answer them

Have a great weekend and happy Mothers Day



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