Friday, August 6, 2010

Golf Course Update

We are lucky or at least we are doing the right things to be lucky this summer.  I do not see much of a let up with the heat and humidity.  The last few days have taken some stress off the turf but on the other hand we have 83 degrees with very low humidity and winds at 15 mph the other extreme is seen.  I spent almost 9 hours hand watering greens and banks yesterday.  We are not without problems this year.
    The poa trivials is really struggling with this years weather. 
there are a few spot like this around the golf course.  there is such a fine line with water that if there is too much I have seen pythium disease too little and it will die. 

Moss is an ongoing issues and this year no exceptions.  I do feel that I have the moss in control and actually getting much better over the last few weeks.  

In the last few days the golf course has dried out nicely more hot and humid weather ahead but this little dry spell has been nice for everyone.

I am sure that you have noticed that the new fescue areas really are filling in great.  There are still 2 areas that will need a little work.  Most likely the third week of August will be the time we will reseed any large bare areas. 

Next week I will be needle tining the greens and also applying topdressing sand.  The greens remain very puffy and we really need to continue to apply sand to dilute this problem.  I will also  spike the fairways the third week of august.  We really need to start thinking of recovery and prepare the turf to build roots.

good luck in the club championship


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