Sunday, August 8, 2010

rain again

Seems like every time we have the golf course in really nice shape and dry out it rains.  During the Men's Invite, Men's City and now the Club Championship.   From what I have heard everyone was happy with the golf course yesterday during the first round.  We have received around .5 inches of rain in the last hour,  The bunkers are holding some water but did not wash out yet.  I am currently mobilizing the staff to start putting the golf course back in shape.  If anyone can do this it is the greens staff that works under me great group of men.  This has been a tough year and no of them have even said a negative word about the strenuous work that they have had to do this year in  getting the course in shape after the heavy rain events, not easy work.  Like I have said before I would put them up against any greens staff in the country in the quality of work that they provide for us.

Now, I hope we can get back to work


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