Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Golf Course Update

Over the next few weeks we will be working on many  projects on the golf course.  Last week we started to core aerate the tees and completed the weak or bare areas around the golf course.  We are continuing to work our way around the course and as of yesterday we completed; 10-15, 1,2, 3,7,8,9 tees. 

On the 15th, we will start to core a few greens.  5,6 will be first on the list.  Next week we will compete 3,4,7 greens and then finishing the last week of September. 

Yesterday, I fertilized the fairways, tees and roughs with an organic based granular fertilizer.  This should help strengthen the turf for the winter.  This year the roots of the turf are weak.  I am really trying to build the turf up and fill in the weak spots before the winter season.

What a great few days we have had and I hope that you have been able to enjoy the golf course.

I look forward to seeing you soon


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