Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fw: Taking turf education in new directions: Stay on top of them with GCI's October edition

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The October 2010 electronic edition of Golf Course Industry is now available. Be sure to check out this month's must-read features!
The Social Networker
Dr. John Kaminski is taking turf education in new directions with a digital frenzy of posts, tweets, blogs and whatever's coming down the social media pike next.
Surviving the summer from hell
The most brutal conditions in decades tested superintendents— and they passed with flying colors. Here are some ideas about how they did it.
Power water  
There are a number of reasons fertigation may just make sense for your course.
Tree care on the golf course
Turfgrass is king. However, trees are an important component of the golf course landscape that are sometimes ignored or overlooked by superintendents and their crews.
Organic solution  
Challenged to improve fairway playability, The Club at Carlton Woods took a new approach toward dealing with organic matter.
Golf in Mongolia
Freelance agronomist Jim Connolly shares his adventures in getting golf off the ground in the land of Genghis Kahn.
High-flying renovation
Even in tough economic times one U.S. Air Force course renovation soared with careful planning.

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