Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Fun

Winter activities are in full swing already.  I am working hard inside the shop preparing the equipment for 2011.  I also take this time to look at all of my past turf programs and practices to see areas were we can improve upon or what did not work and how I can go about changing that.

My two dogs are always by my side and just can not handle being cooped up all day so I have to find some ways to work their mind and get some  exercise.  Especially, Naudia she is always on the move and goes stir crazy without some sort of movement.  What I try to do is stimulate their mind so they have to think instead of just going for a walk.  One of the things I do is hook Naudia up to a sled and have her pull Tammy around for a few miles each day.  She has so much fun it is hard for me to keep up.  Another thing, I do is hide objects in the snow and have them try to find them as in a search and rescue dog.  You would be amazed that working dogs minds wears them out much faster then going for a walk alone.  You should give it a try. Start slow at first by having them see where you are hiding their favorite toy and then have them find it.  Once that is mastered.  You can have them sit around a corner without moving and hide the toy in a obvious location release your dog and have them walk with you to find their toy.  Once that is mastered, then you can start really hiding it.  This exercise builds up the dogs confidence and respect towards you.  Your dogs will be better mannered and it also fulfills something all dogs need.

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