Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Last week, I attended an educational conference that was put on by Reinders. Reinders is a great company that supplies Hawks with equipment, Irrigation, and just about anything in between. This years conference was their 20 year anniversary. Each conference Reinders has the top educators from not only Wisconsi but from all over the United States. Topics included native area management, reducing our nutrient inputs and a great debate with Dr. Rossi and Dr Gaussion, which I throughly enjoyed. The highlight for me was winning an iPad. I have been working with the iPad now for 4 days and all I can say is what a great tool. I reached out to a fellow golf course superintendent who writes not just a golf course blog but a blog dedicated to technology. His website is covers all types of platforms. He sent me a great email with some prefect apps for me to use on the golf course. Feel free to access his website to keep up to date and some great ideas you can use daily to make your life more productive. One great app, from Toro, that I will surely use every day is the on the screen shot below. This apps gives me the ability to access my irrigation program from anywhere. On many occasions I have returned to my office to either turn off a program or turn on the system. This will save me time and in most cases a few hours of sleep in the summer. Another is Note taker hd ,, now I just started working with this yesterday but it basically turns the ipad into a pad of paper. You can actually use your finger to make notes and save them

I would like to thank Reinders for such a great prize, I will use it daily.

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