Friday, October 21, 2011

Course Update 10/21/11

Today is really turning out to be a great day despite the heavy frost this morning.  Which is good because it caps off a great week on the golf course.  Today we mowed all the greens maybe for the last time of the year.  I am not positive on this but considering the extended forecast and the fact that we barely got a palm full of grass on each green we may just roll the greens for the rest of the season.  The greens are actually quite nice and still roll very well.  We started to work on a few projects out on the course.  I have a crew working on leveling irrigation heads around the greens. This is actually a lot of work since each head has to be completely dug up to adjust the height even a few inches.  14 green is just about done, you may notice a large hole in front of the green.  I will be adding a part circle head there next week.  My goal would be to move onto 12 and 3 green next to level as well as adding part circle heads to the front of the green as well.  Over the last few years as we continue to reduce the irrigation run times, there are gaps in the system that are starting to show.  The part circle heads around the greens just do not cover enough area for the run times that we are at and adding heads to the front of some of the greens will make up for that.    I do have full circle heads around the greens that do cover these areas when used but I rarely use these heads very often since they also water the greens. I also have a crew working on raising and leveling the drains.  We completed 9 green this week and moved onto 10.  Weather permitting we will work our way around the course completing as many greens complex drains first. This is something I have tried to complete for 2 years. 

I hope that you have a great weekend

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