Friday, October 28, 2011

Course Update

Another very good week,  We were able to complete spiking the fairways for the second time in the last 3 weeks.  Armando has been working on many detail projects this week that you may never notice which is actually a good thing.  He worked on many drains around greens leveling the sod and raising the drain to have a smooth transition.  We had to stop since he ran out of supplies which are back ordered to finish the job.  Hopefully, next week we will be able to finish at least the greens drains.  In the mean time he has moved onto smoothing out the high spots in some approach areas.  These high areas are slowing down the surface drainage.  This is a major problem in the winter since the melt water gets backed up and turns into ice.  2,14, and 11 have been completed.  We also continued to work on leveling irrigation heads around the greens.  14 has been completed as well as the addition of 2 new irrigation heads. The right side of the green rough was irrigated and with the new fescue I turned off the head along the cart path.  the problem is that now the rough area is thin and with the addition of the new head there will be a big improvment in this area.  I also added a new part cicrle head in front of the green to cover the gap or lack of coverage to the front approach.  We also worked on 12 green.  The heads have all been leveled and we started to dig in a new head in front of the green.   We have finally completed mowing all the fescue on the course.  You  can really tell the progress that we have made now.  We should have a great start to next year with everything mowed down fairly short, along with most areas having been sprayed we should be very clean next year.  I have noticed some poa annua in a few areas of the newly seeded fescue and will have to address this.   Today with the heavy frost we are starting to edge bunkers.

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