Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2 green bunker

2 green bunker

I have talked about replacing the sod on some of the greens bunkers in few posts back. Yesterday,driving by #2 green, I noticed that someone must have walked up the steep face and broke the sod off. So since the day was pretty nice I decided to dive in and replace the sod and rebuild the bunker back to the way it was. Just like the chipping bunker there was so much extra sand/soil on the top of the bunker this time nearly 8 inches in some spots.

sand/soil on top of original grade

The sand/soil was removed and I took this opportunity to regrade the top slightly,  now from the bottom of the bunker you can see the putting surface where you could not before. In the process of regrading the soil on the bunker face, I decided to bring the sod down like we did on 15 green bunker.  There is a dramatic change in 8 hours. We only have the ends to tie in and we will finish next week or in the spring.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. It has been a pleasure
taking care of the golf course this year  I hope that you enjoyed the Hawks
as much as I did. 


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