Thursday, December 1, 2011

update 12/1/11

12 green bunker 11/30/11

12 green bunker sod removal
December first already hard to believe actually a pretty good day today to play golf.  Just a quick update on the golf course.

The dredging company is here today and they will start work today.

This has been a very good fall for us;

As of yesterday, we completed leveling just about every irrigation head around the greens. Yesterday, I also started to work on removing the sod from the right green bunker on 12.  I feel that we have 2 more nice days that we can work outside without frozen ground and finishing up this bunker will be a bonus.  Just like the other bunkers we have completed, this one has a broken face and not very stable.  I also found that there is about 8 inches of extra soil on top of some parts of the subgrade.  I will remove this material and regrade back to the original design.  You can see in the lower photo that the slope will be much smoother and there will be a nice transition to the green from the top of the bunker. 

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