Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Golf Course Update 4/3/12

The weather has moderated along with the ground temperature. This puts us back on a more normal schedule and also allows for some of these projects to get buttoned up.

We continue to work on the greens bunker on hole 3. The bunker was shaped out yesterday and is ready for new drainage gravel. Once we have the drainage repaired, the liner will be installed.

 We are also continuing to work on some irrigation repair and maintenance on the golf course.  That pesky hole in front of 15 green is ready to be filled in. We are also working on moving and adding a few heads for better coverage

We also started to work on reading the waterfall for opening and have found some issues that are being addressed right now.  This will most likely delay the opening by at least a week

I have been working on spraying fescue over the last few days and will continue this week weather and wind premitting.
I have already completed 25 Acres.   I am applying a growth regulator to all these areas along with the normal spray program.  I am really starting to see some nice stands of fescue all around the golf course. Finally our program is starting to pay off

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