Monday, March 26, 2012

Update 3/26

A little reality check this morning at 34 degrees the coldest in at least a couple of weeks. I finally have the staff in place. This year we are starting with some new crew memebrs that need to be trained on the art of mowing greens. We are fortunate to have returning veterans that will take the new guys under their wing. Usually, it takes a few trips around before everyone is on the same page. The cool weather this week ahead should give everyone a chance get a good handle on what we expect here. The ground temperature last week was well above what is a normal spring hovering around 60 degrees most of the week. Easily 3 weeks ahead of what is considered normal for this time of the year. The growth of the turf is directly related the the ground temperature. We have been mowing much more then expected for march. I am normally working on finishing up projects right now. The bunkers on 3 and 11 are still not done my plans are to start working on them yet this week. Overall the golf course is really in fine shape. We did topdress all the greens last week and today we are starting to verticut all the tees. We started verticutting the tees last year to help firm up the surface by removing excess organic matter. I am trying to take advantage of the warm weather to be fairly aggressive this go around. Looking closely at the photo below you can see the lines of the verticutter
As we move forward this week, you will start to see a lot of loose ends being finished.

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