Friday, May 11, 2012

Update 5/11

Just a quick update on the golf course for this week.  I have really started see that the growth regulators in the fescue is doing exactly what it is suppose to do.  In this photo you can see the sprayed area on the left side and the unsprayed area to the right.  There is about 1/2 the reduction in height and the actual density is greatly reduced when compared to the untreated fescue. The downside is that the untreated areas have a really nice seedhead and dark color and the treated fescue does not have a seed head and is lighter in color. The growth regulator that was sprayed reduces seedhead formation in the turf.  The trade off is that the fescue is much more playable then the untreated areas.  As the year progresses we will monitor the denisty and growth control for future assessments of our program

Last week the greens were aerified using a solid tine.  Even with the cool weather and the fact that the ground temperature is still quite cool I have noticed really nice root growth within the channels ( point of pen)made by the solid tine.  Developing a good root system is so important in maintaining plant health especially in the stressful times.  We will continue to solid tine the greens throughout the season to help this process.

This morning, I noticed that all ponds have ducklings swimming with mother.  so far no geese are nesting on the course thanks to Nadia

I hope that you enjoy the golf course this weekend we heard a lot of great compliments from the mid am tournament this week.  Congratulation to Rob for a big win for Hawks Landing

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