Monday, July 16, 2012

Golf Course Update 7/16/12

We are in a pattern of continued dry weather and can not seem to get any break.  There was some rain around over the weekend but we only managed to get a few drops Friday here not even enough to measure in the rain gauge.  So we continue to push ahead allocating many hours hand watering just about all day every day.

My son is working for us this year and I just realized that since he started he basically has been hand watering every day all day.  Hand watering our greens is a job that is not easy, requires a keen eye. The greens are sand based, if we miss a spot anywhere on the greens by midday these spots will turn into dust. It is very difficult to rewet them and takes a few days before these are back to normal.  Hand watering the greens is a 2 man job, we start right at 5 am and normally finish around 9:30.  We then will keep a close eye on the greens the rest of the day hand watering as needed.  I use the irrigation sprinklers about 2 times a week to water the greens with a fairly good amount of water to recharge the soil profile.  then relay on hand watering until the greens get to the point that we water at night. In this dry pattern it is very difficult to keep up with the loss of moisture through evaporation in the rough areas around the greens.  I just can not put down enough water using the irrigation sprinklers and not get everything else soaking wet.  We are now hand watering the green surrounds also to try to keep everything in good shape. The balancing act of watering one spot that is dry and overwatering is getting very challenging to say the least.  even with the wetting agents there are new dry spots in fairways and approaches daily that we are trying to keep up with and couple that with the poa trivials trying to hang in there it is a difficult challenge that we are trying to manage our best right now.  Overall, I feel we are doing a fine job but this is an uphill battle daily that we are fighting.  We will continue to strive to provide you with the best conditions daily,  I greatly appreciate your understanding of the current situation it is day by day and making it to the next day is rewarding for our crew and that we have a very good course daily for you to enjoy.

Other then watering and watering we are trying to work on a few projects weekly, currently we are pruning the landscaped areas and continuing to edge bunkers.  Last week we went through all the greens bunkers checking the sand depths and making sure these were correct.  Remember when you are raking your bunkers try to smooth the edges and not pile up the sand.  our goal is only 2 inches of sand on the faces if there is much more balls tend to plug.

This Saturday is the Mens Invitational and we are really looking forward to this weeks preparation of the golf course for the event.  The staff is excited to showcases the course for your guests.  Hopefully, we will have a break in the weather so that you will have a great day.

Thank you and hope to see you soon

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