Friday, August 24, 2012

Golf Course Update

Just a quick update on the golf course.

 We had a great week this week and were able to get the golf course in really nice shape for this weekend.

We topdressed all greens and approaches fairly heavy, much overdo.  We applied a little more sand in some lower areas on the approaches to help smooth these areas out.  This fall, we will continue the leveling process on the approaches that we started last year.  The ones that we did last year really improved the drainage off the greens especially in the winter melts and also the playabilty of the front of the greens.  We also started to core aerate the tees this week as of today 6,7,8,9,10 have been completed.  We will continue doing a few a day until completed.  The maroons and whites will be done again in the late fall.  Next week, we are going to finally start verticutting the fairways this will take some time because I plan on going deeper then we normally do to help remove some organic matter the fairways once verticut will be blown off with our large tractor mounted blower.

I hope that everyone is able to get out and enjoy the course this weekend

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