Monday, December 3, 2012

If you were one of the many over the weekend playing hawks I am sure that you noticed some work on 11 green.  Honestly, I didn't think I could fit in another project this fall but 60 degree days were not planned either. This is a project that was not planned either but found.  I was planning on moving the sprinkler heads closer to the edge of the green so that we would get better coverage around the green.  Every year we have to water the rough around the edge of the green almost every day.  Well, after digging up the head I noticed that the green cavity was actually right next to the sprinkler.  I dove a little deeper into the discovery by locating a wire that I installed around each green during construction so that I could find the edge of the green in the future.  And I was pretty surprised that the green during construction was covered up with rough sod for some reason and a big section of the green was lost in the back and middle right, explains why the sprinkler heads are so far off the edge of the green.  Now, when you look at the correct green you can see that John Harbottle wanted the green to play slightly to the right instead of straight   This also angles the green away from the tree.  Growing rough on top of the greens mix has not been working over and we decided to replace the rough with bentgrass and this will be part of the green.  This is what John wanted originally somehow it was changed but we will honor his vision, the hole will be better and many new cup locations will be available as well as better drainage.

Enjoy the warm weather

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