Thursday, January 31, 2013

Golf Course Update

Another interesting week.  a record high, 1.5 inches of rain,  6 inches of snow, and now  some extreme cold weather in the next 2 days.  What is this weather going to do to the turf?  Even with the rain that we had the water drained from the course very well. In the late fall after we closed the course I removed every single drain on the course.  What this does is allow any melting snow a place to go.  It always amazes me in that even with a little debris or ice blocking the drains how slowly the water goes into the main pipe.  With the drains off there is nothing blocking the water. After walking the golf course there was very little standing water before the snow storm which means there should be very little ice formation with the cold weather in the next few days.  Even so, we have very little poa annua grass on the course, which does not survive very well under ice.  The creeping bentgrass has much better ice survival chances and with March right around the corner, I have very little worry about ice damage on the course.  With that being said snow mold disease may be another story.  The saturated soil and constant temperature changes can and most likely will lead to some snow mold disease on the course.  Right now, I am seeing some damage in the rough.  We will be keeping a close eye on the greens in the next few weeks.

We continue to move along with our inside work.  At this time all of our fairway and greens mowers have been serviced.

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