Monday, February 18, 2013

Crunch time is right around the corner believe it or not.  This seems to always be the case at this time of the year. I tend to get a little nervous wondering when we will need to have the equipment ready to start off the new golf season.  There is so much work that must be done over the shortened seasons now.  Over the last 2 weeks we have completed all the walking type mower.  Our tee mowers were in the need for the most attention in that they were completely torn down repainted , reel sharpened and bearings replaced.  These mowers are 13 years old original to the course and cost on average 6000 to replace we spent around 200 on mower and they are now back in top shape.  Believe it or not the engines are still original equipment and only maintenance has been preformed on them.  We do everything we can to inspect down to the smallest nuts and bolts making sure everything is in excellent working order.  We do not have enough equipment as backups, in that if we have a major breakdown during the season we are not mowing. This is a major problem and we do everything that we can to keep this from happening during the season.  

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