Monday, January 7, 2013


I have been using most forms of technology  for the last few years as in computers, ipad, smart phone, computers.  All of these are linked together through Google so that I can have access to my irrigation system and files at a moments notice.  As you know I have a blog as well as Twitter account to keep you informed at least weekly, and almost daily during the golf season here at Hawks. I do not even now consider myself a expert in computers and continue to learn about this technology every day. I have recently set up another computer for our Assistant to have access to important files that he will use daily and have linked these into a Google drive account that I use to upload record keeping files.  I have written a few programs to streamline our record keeping in the future and have the ability to keep everything organized neatly on a drive account .  I also have a web based printer that will allow use to print any of these files easily even on the course. Taking time now to learn about all of the tech that we have access too will allow us to spend less time in the office and more time on the course 

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