Thursday, April 11, 2013

Golf Course Update

I do not think I have ever seen so much rain as we have had in the last week.  I have recorded 3.5 inches of rain in 4 days.  Believe it or not the course is actually taking the rain very well there is  little standing water but the ground is completely saturated.

I am going to put the pins on the back nine today and at least get the course open.  We will have to be walking only right now because of the extreme conditions out there.  The edges of the paths are so wet if you were to get off the path there is a good possibility of getting stuck and really doing some major damage.  I can not handle still being closed and just want to see us being open right now.

 We have rolled the back nine greens but other then that nothing else has been rolled or mowed.  The staff has been off for 3 days.  I have everyone in today and plan on working on some bunkers if we can get outside.  Right now plans are to work through the weekend if possible to rake bunkers and hopefully do some mowing. If there is any good out of this weather pattern the soil is getting flushed and will recharge the system.  If you have driven by the course I am sure that you have seen a big green up this week.  The course is in fine shape and starting to break out of dormancy.  Which also puts us behind in all other aspects of work.  I am already starting to see some weeds and undesirable grasses germinate in the fescue.  Normally, I would have everything sprayed already for the first go around of herbicide in the fescue but have not been able to even think about that this week.  We will have to get out there pretty quick in order to keep up the solid program and results that we have been working at.  

Well not much I can say or do about this weather right now all we can do is hope this breaks soon and we will get to preparing our course.  Lets think dry weather so we can get to work.  I am sure this will be a decent memory soon enough and we will probably go to the other extreme of hot and dry after this passes. I guess right now I will take that in a heart beat. 

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