Friday, April 12, 2013


Today I have decided to open the entire golf course.  After driving the course this morning and evaluating the firmness and how wet it is I was pleasantly surprised and decided that we can go ahead and have carts on the paths only and open the front nine.  It is amazing how the rain drained and how good the golf course is.  I am currently mowing all the greens.  This afternoon we will start working on the bunkers and possibly mowing the approaches.

Also there is only 4 days left to bid on the fine course in the Par For Research auction.

WI GCSA proudly presents our 3rd Annual PAR4 Research Auction.

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       Play A Round 4 Research
"Golf and the enviroment are two of my passions. By placing a bid on one of the many outstanding golf opportunities in the PAR4 Research Auction, you can help sustain Wisconsin's turfgrass and enviromental research programs and the opportunity to win rounds of golf at fantastic public and private country clubs" - Steve Stricker    
     Funding sustainable turfgrass and environmental research benefiting golfers, homeowners, and everyone in between who enjoys a little green in their life.

Have a great weekend and I hope that you can get out and finally enjoy a round of golf

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