Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Update 4/2/13

Not the week that I had planned this is for sure.

 Yesterday, did work out very well in that we had the entire staff for the 2013 season in for a fun filled day of training.  We have a very comprehensive program that I have developed covering everything from hazard communication down to operation of our equipment.  I firmly believe this program helps instill safety in the crew minds.  Jeff Muller, our Assistant, is the point man for the safety training program and is responsible for making sure all paperwork is in order and teaches all aspects of the training.  It is important to me that our Assistants have this responsibility down the road they will have a good foundation to implement their own training program when they move on to their own golf clubs.  At the end of the training day everyone has signed their name on at least 15 forms after each program has been covered.  We also will have a mock emergency training day that will cover how to use a MSDS in an emergency situation and to properly respond to health issues.  We have a very detailed plan posted near our exit that covers emergency situations.  I am very proud of our program and yesterday was one of the best training days that we ever had at Hawks.

The golf course.  As of today a good majority of the snow is gone.  I feel we made it through this winter in fine shape and the concern of ice damage is really no longer a concern.  Snow mold is minimal right now and only minor damage in some rough areas.  We do have some Vole damage, a borrowing field mouse, on some bunker banks but really not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Bottom line everything looks really good.  Opening day right now has not been set.  There is still a lot of frost in the ground but with the warmer days ahead it will get better every day.  I have the crew back to work this Friday and hopefully Saturday to start the process of getting ready for opening day.  My best guess right now is maybe opening the back nine on the 12th if everything stays in an upward progression with the weather.  We will do everything in our bag of tricks to get you playing as soon as possible.

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