Friday, May 17, 2013

Golf Course Update 5/17/13

Warm weather this week really jump started the grass growing.  We are mowing the rough twice as much as normal because of the excess growth.  We are doing our best to keep the rough under control but seems to be growing faster then we can mow it.  Once the weather and soil temperatures stabilize the turf will start a more normal growth pattern.

 The golf course is in nice shape.  The greens were all needle tined, topdressed, fertilized, and groomed heavily this week.  We also sprayed all the fairways, tees and greens with wetting agents and a growth regulator.  I have lowered the greens mower to near the normal mowing height and will only make small adjustments over the next few weeks.  Even after today's rain event the greens are firm, the speed of the greens will get better each day we get into a more normal growth pattern.

Next week we have plans to fertilize all the fairways and tees.  We also have started to edge bunkers and will continue working our way around the course next week.  There are some broadleaf weeds in a the rough and we will be spot spraying a herbicide to control the weeds.  The area that we harvested sod in 4 fairway will also be prepped for seed.

Have a great weekend

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