Saturday, May 25, 2013

Golf Course Update 5/25/13

The mild weather is really just about prefect for grass growing.  I am sure you can tell if you hit your ball in our rough.  We have mowed the rough 3 times this week.  I think after it is mowed the turf just shoots right back up.  I am sorry for the clumps around the greens  we are trying to keep up with blowing and raking the clumps up.  It will get better soon, I  plan on spraying all the greens banks with a growth regulator next week to help slow down the growth.

We verticut all the greens this week and have been mowing and rolling to help get the speed up. I am sure if you played earlier this week compared to yesterday and even today you will notice a big difference.  So far the new wetting agents that I have sprayed seem to be doing the job as I planned.  I have noticed that compared to the product I used last year, the greens are much firmer, and also draining nicely after rain events.

We started to work on the area in front of the bunker on 4 this week and plan on completing the seeding work next week. This area will be seeded to rough type grass.

I hope that you have a great holiday weekend and be able to enjoy a nice round of golf with your friends

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