Friday, May 31, 2013

Golf Course Update 5/30

Another rain filled week almost 2 inches this week alone, and after last nights rain the soil has reached its saturation point.  Everything is beyond wet and very soft.  The turf is still growing like crazy and we are having a tough time keeping up with the mowing because of the rains.  The rough is showing some signs of slight yellowing mainly from the excess soil moisture.  also, the roots are much shorter then we would like to see right now.  I want to encourage strong rooting for the turf to survive the summer stress.  The waterlogged soils is not very conducive to root growth.

This weather is also putting a damper on at lot of extra detail work on the golf course.  all it seems like we are doing is mowing rough, when we can. and raking and re raking bunkers.  We continue to do everything we can to keep the rough free of clumping turf and we are putting in a lot of hours doing just that.  We have not been able to mow the bunker banks this week.  the banks are starting to like like the bunkers at Merion the 2013 open site.  Rest assured we will get the course under control.  On the plus side the fairways and greens are in great shape a little slow today due to the rain but everything is there and if you played last weekend I am sure you enjoyed your round of golf.  Not much else to say in regards to our weather but I am about tired of it.

Next week, I will be topdresing the greens and starting to veritcut the approaches and tees.  We may make an attempt to spike the fairways in order to get some air moving throughout the soil profile.

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