Friday, June 28, 2013

Golf Course Update

After 7 inches of rain in 7 days and 90 total man hours of repairing the bunkers we finally have everything back together.  The sand will need to settle, right now the bunkers are  inconsistent and fluffy in spots after a few rakings they will play much better.  The front nine was closed for the for the first time Wednesday after the creek overflowed over the fairway.  Since the construction of the traffic circle and the retention ponds, I have noticed that the creek goes over the fairway much more before it was built.  The main issue this year is that the holding ponds near the circle are filled to capacity. Any additional rains overflow downstream which impacts us in a negative way.  One the other hand everything worked and the water for the most part left the property pretty quick considering the amount of heavy rains.

Overall, I am very happy with our staff and the hard work that they have done in a very short time to get the course in the shape that it is today.  We are excited to have everything in order for the Mens invitational tomorrow.  I hope that everyone enjoys the weekend and the golf course.

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