Wednesday, November 13, 2013

update 11/13/13

Looks like maybe this weekend could be the last time to get out and enjoy some nice weather.  We are slowly winding down our outside work but still have some projects that I would like to do over the next few weeks.

We winterized the irrigation system Monday this week.  This year we had some delays in getting the air compressor because Epic has from my understanding the most of the air compressor in the area.  Which puts a lot of pressure on the golf course trying to winterize their system.

The weather over the last few weeks has also put a lot of pressure on me since we still have not completed our snow mold applications.  We are almost done but seems like there has been some sort of weather issue every day for the last few weeks.  If all goes as planned, we will finish this week.

We have started to remove the boulders along the carts paths.  The boulders were originally intended to keep golf cars from driving in the rough near the tees and greens.  Now that we have converted to fescue grass the taller grass should serve the same purpose as the boulders since everyone is instructed to stay out of the fescue grass.  I will install a few more arrows next year to keep the traffic moving as intended. With the boulders gone I will no longer have to spend any time weed eating around them or even spraying around them for the weeds.  Also, the course looks so much better with the boulders gone.  We will add soil and seed all the voids in the spring.

I hope that you enjoyed the golf season this year, it has been a pleasure preparing the course for you daily.  After 12 season here at Hawks, I do not recall one day that I am not excited to see the sun rise here, and sometimes see it set all in the same day.  I will try to update the blog weekly over the winter to keep you informed on our progress as we prepare for another great season in 2014.

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