Friday, August 8, 2014

Update 8/8/14

A much needed rain this week especially since we have not had a drop most of July the last rain was recorded on July 8th receiving only a 1/2 inch. Mondays rain was only .4 inches but still happy that we got a least a little, looks like it will remain great golfing weather through the weekend again. The golf course is a very good shape right now and I hope that you are able to get in a round this weekend.

We have had a pretty good week of work also on the course.  This week we started to address some of the "puffy" turf on the maroon tees by lightly verticutting them,
we also verticut the greens and approaches this week.  Next week we will veritcut the tees and approaches again along with a nice topdressing on the greens and approaches.  This will be the first step in the process of trying to get these area firmer.  I plan on starting to core aerating the maroon, white and some approaches in the upcoming weeks.  I feel that we need to be fairly aggressive on the tees this year in getting the organic matter under control.  We have also made considerable progress on the bunkers.  We have been through all the greens bunkers and have added or removed sand if needed.  With all the compliments that I have been getting this week about the bunkers I think we are getting the bunkers back to where they should be.  We are also edging the bunkers we have completed most of the greens bunkers and will continue next week.

Overall, we are making good progress and moving in the right direction we have some issues that we need to address moving into the fall but nothing to be too worried nervous about at this time.  I hope that you have enjoyed many good rounds of golf so far this year



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