Thursday, September 4, 2014


Been awhile but since its pouring out right now I might as well update you on what we have planned for the  golf course in the upcoming weeks.  Overall, considering that we have had 5 inches of rain in the last 2 .5 weeks the course is in fine shape.  Its very tough to loose days due to rain  get so backed up on the mowing.  Especially, when the bunkers wash out, this job is so demanding and takes the crew away from mowing. Add to the fact that our crew size is much smaller now that we lost 4 kids to high school and college for the rest of the year.  In the warm humid wet condition the grass grows very fast which leads to clippings on the golf course.  Its tough seeing a messy course at times, we try to do everything possible to reduce the amount of clippings but its very hard to do at times when we have to work with play and extra attention and crew pushing sand in the bunkers. We try to balance everything out the best we can.

This is the time of the year that we will pay attention to the turf and prepare for winter and next year.  This year we are addressing some extra organic matter that has developed on the tees, approaches and a few greens.  We have just about completed the core aeration of the tees and will be starting to core aerate the approaches next.  We have made some great progress in the approaches condition on the course.  I will not be core aerating all the greens this fall, but there are 6 greens that will be core aerifed.  5,6,7,8,12,13.  These greens hold more moisture in the top few inches and are much softer then the rest.  I will be removing a very small core from the greens and then backfill with topdressing sand.  As far as a timetable on this it is looking like the green work will be done the first week in October considering the fact that we still have not completed the tees or even started the approaches due to the fact that we had had many rain outs over the last few weeks.  

As far as any other work that we will be working on this fall.  I would really like to smooth out the drains in the fairway as we did to the approach drains last fall.  Many of the drains are broken down and need repair work.  I would also like to address the few bunkers that continue to hold water after heavy rains.  12,18,7 greens bunkers will have to have the sand removed and the drainage will need to be repaired.

I am also spraying for broadleaf weeds in the fescue right now.  Fall is a great time to control many weeds we continue to make very good progress in our fescue areas and will continue to work on improving the quality in the future.  I will start mowing down the fescue in the upcoming weeks.  As soon as we have an extended dry period to reduce the amount of clipping we we start mowing.  The goal would be to mow everything 2 times before winter.

I hope that everyone has enjoyed the golf course this summer we have had some outstanding conditions this year, it is very tough to end the year like this. This is suppose to be a dry time of the but the weather this year sure is unpredictable that is for sure.

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