Friday, September 26, 2014

Update 9/26/14

Hard to believe that the end of September is right around the corner the golf season sure has went fast this year.  This also brings us to a time of the year that turf health and projects will be on the top of importance for us.  I will be raising the height of the greens mowers starting next week slightly to reduce any stress on the plant before winter.  We will still be mowing and rolling the greens but not nearly as frequently as we are now.

Today we completed all but 10 approach solid tine and topdressing,  I also solid tined the 14,15,16
greens.  Next week we will solid tine all but 5,6,7,8,10,12,13 greens along with topdressing all the greens.  The reason we will not solid tine these greens is that on October 7th and the 8th these greens will be core aerifed with a 1/4 tine.  I will also continue the topdressing on a weekly basis until the end of October.  This will ensure proper dilution of the organic matter.  I do understand that there is still some sand that is coming up after chip shots on the approaches but the process we are doing will help keep the approaches smooth and firm.

Today we start to mowing  fescue on 5,6,7.  We will mow the fescue at least 2 times before the end
of the year.  This will really help keep the stand clean for next year.  I have sprayed for broadleaf weeds in many areas over the last few weeks.  Right now, is a great time to control weeds for next year.  Mowing will stress the weeds to a greater extent and prepare the areas for even greater weed and grass control next spring.

If had a chance to play in the hard course yesterday you may have noticed that I had the maroon tees on the back of 16 tee.  This fall, we will be removing some of the tee on 16 maroon, the tee is way to large, and add a new maroon tee for 13.  Some of the extra sod will be added to the drop tee of 13 also too increase the size of drop tee.

I will use some of the sod to repair the drains in the fairways that are in need of repair next month.

I hope that you are enjoying this weather and getting in a lot of rounds before the end of the year.

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